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Complete prenatal vitamins and minerals​ plus digestive enzymes to aid with indigestion

Pregnway contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals to help support Mom and Baby before, during and after pregnancy.


Vitamin D, Folate, B12, Iron and Calcium


30 Tablets

Baby on a Bed

Healthy brain and spinal cord development

Baby Yoga

Bone health for Mom and Baby

Healthy iron level and Red Blood Cell formation

Smiling Pregnant Woman

Healthy Immune System

Pregnway- A Little Extra for Mom

We added digestive enzymes to aid with gastric discomfort  during pregnancy

Our blend contains

Pâte Delight


Helps with digestion of proteins and peptided, foods such as meat, egg, milk, fish.

Cumin Rice


Helps with carbohydrates and starches. Foods such as potatoes, bread, rice.


Helps with breakdown of cellulose. Foods containing whole grain.

Whole Grain Bread


Helps with breakdown of fats and lipids.

Bottled Olive Oil
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